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"While you will know who the antichrist is upon reading, my ultimate goal is that you may know who God is."

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Just in case you missed it on the book cover, my name is Eddie Turner.  Of the many labels I bear, Tennessean speaks well of my place in this world. While I'm still getting used to the author label next to my name, I do recognize that my being a writer was all God's idea. Not only does God equip each of us with unique abilities, He shows us how we can use them to serve Him. We don't even have to be particularly great at them. I'm a mediocre musician at best. But God found value in my abilities and provided an outlet for me to use them to glorify Him. He finds value in your abilities as well, regardless of what they might be. The thing is, we don't automatically channel our talents toward praise and worship. We must first have the desire to do that.  This is where our relationship with God comes into play.

The Bible isn't something we simply read and put down. Rather, as long as we read with the intent to know God, His word becomes what we absolutely cherish. As our hearts begin to thirst for His presence, we reach for more books that will help us to dig deeper and deeper into the love we detect within and beyond the written words on the pages of the Bible. 
As a writer, my prayer is that God will continue to use me to help others form and strengthen their relationships with Him.  He is my whole world.  And nothing thrills me more than to know I might help Him to become your whole world as well.  If you would like to share how God has spoken to you, I invite you to do so by using the contact portal on this page. Your messages will come directly to me and I will respond to each one.  Thank you so much for your interest in my books.  I hope you will join me in prayer that God moves its messages into the hands and hearts of those who need them.



Today, as we become increasingly at odds with one another over social and political issues, our need to reexamine God’s expectations for our lives is greater than ever. Join Eddie Turner, author of Antichrist: The Biblical End of Days, as he takes a hard look at the many topics divide us as members of God’s church and the impact of worldly influences on our hearts.

Is there a political party that God favors?

Is our government really out to get us?

Are disagreements over the Bible worth arguing about?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in Undivided: Restoring Unity in the Church.

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Antichrist Biblical End of Days - Eddie Turner (1).png

The end times message of the Bible paints a beautiful picture of God's grace. If you reached a different conclusion, you may have been swayed by books full of conspiracies and political agendas. In his follow up to Looking Up: Living in Anticipation of Christ, author Eddie Turner sets out to honor God above all by using Scripture alone to provide a comprehensive look at our future from day one of the tribulation period to the end of our first thousand years in God's presence.

Is the antichrist alive today?

When exactly will the rapture occur?

What will life be like on the new earth?

Learn to identify the answers to these questions and more in Antichrist: The Biblical End of Days.


According to Jesus, "looking up" means actively pursuing a relationship with him. Living our lives in this manner is what makes us ready for the day of our redemption. Today, many of us who call ourselves Christians would rather do anything but read the Bible on our own, which is the only way we can have this relationship. Can we really expect a heavenly reward without being devoted to God's Word? In this "wake-up call for Christians," author Eddie Turner contrasts our human behavior with the commands of Jesus to determine whether we truly are Looking Up: Living in Anticipation of Christ.

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