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After nine years preparing to write this book, I decided to discard every book I've ever read concerning the end times. I simply could not recall a single one whose goal it was to bring honor and glory to God. Nearly all of them were driven by political agendas and conspiracy theories. This was not the kind of book I wanted to write.

My decision to present this exciting portion of the Bible using Scripture alone as my guide revealed far more information than any of those other books do. Not only will you come to know the complete picture of the end times drama, you may find yourself being drawn further into an amazing relationship with God, which is the motive behind every word you will read in my books. Join me as we explore our future from day one of the tribulation period through the end of our first 1,000 years in God's presence. And let's have some fun along the way!

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After spending a good number of years under the impression that I was good to go salvation-wise, God gave me a rude awakening. Looking back, I regard this awakening as my most treasured moment. It represents a turning point in my life where I began investing my energy toward an incredible relationship with Him. The more I got to know Him, the more I became aware of others like me who were in desperate need of a similar wake-up call.

The message in this book sets the record straight for people who claim to be Christians and yet have no relationship with God. These are the people who expect a heavenly reward while having no interest in reading the Bible, which is the sole means of obtaining that reward. Do you hunger and thirst for Jesus? Do you love him with all of your of heart? If you said yes to these questions, it may be you who are in for a rude awakening.  

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Who I Am

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Just in case you missed it on the book cover, my name is Eddie Turner.  While I'm still getting used to seeing the "author" title next to my name, I do recognize that my being a writer was all God's idea. Not only does God equip each of us with unique abilities, He shows us how we can use them to serve Him. We don't even have to be particularly great at them. I'm a mediocre musician at best. But God found value in my abilities and provided an outlet for me to use them to glorify Him. He finds value in your abilities as well, regardless of what they might be. The thing is, we don't automatically channel our talents toward praise and worship. We must first have the desire to do that.  This is where our relationship with God comes into play.

The Bible isn't something we simply read and put down. Rather, as long as we read with the intent to know God, His word becomes what we absolutely cherish. As our hearts begin to thirst for His presence, we reach for more books that will help us to dig deeper and deeper into the love we detect within and beyond the written words on the pages of the Bible. 

As a writer, my prayer is that God will continue to use me to help others form and strengthen their relationships with Him.  He is my whole world.  And nothing thrills me more than to know I might help Him to become your whole world as well.  If you would like to share how God has spoken to you, I invite you to do so by using the contact portal on this page. Your messages will come directly to me and I will respond to each one.  Thank you so much for your interest in my books.  I hope you will join me in prayer that God moves its messages into the hands and hearts of those who need them.

My Family

Inside the Turner household, you'll find my wife Michelle, my daughter Meryl, and my son Jack. We live in a town just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee called Ooltewah. Don't even bother trying to pronounce it. Michelle and I have been married since 2000 and we absolutely love raising our two iPhone battery drainers!


My Church


Woodland Park Baptist Church  in Chattanooga is our home away from home. While I grew up in the Southern Baptist heritage, I told myself I would be happy to go anywhere as long as there was genuine Bible teaching. And this is where it is in my town!


The worship band at my church is an extension of my family. How wonderful it is to play alongside such a wonderful group of musicians! I hope they never realize I'm not that great of a drummer.

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My Song

While studying the book of Revelation, I became inspired to write a song about God's promises to His children. When the band playing in my head included a female vocalist, I recruited my dear friend and sister in Christ, Rachel Watson to do the honors. I could not be more proud of this young lady and the impact her love for God made on my music. We had a great time recording this song, called "THIRST."

Give it a listen!


My Drums

When it comes to music, drums are my passion. At age 12, I had learned to play before I ever got behind a drum set. The fact that I can worship God with these things just blows me away!

My current set is a 4-piece Tama Club Jam jazz kit that I converted into a electric one using internal drum triggers and a TD-17 module from Roland. I replaced the drum heads with ones made of mesh and stuffed the insides with dampening foam. What you can't see in this photo is that the bass drum is filled with wires and electronics. Gotta keep things clean! 


Me, jamming to a classic!


My Keyboard


As a writer, I'm always interested in seeing what other writers prefer as tools of their trade. Because I write primarily on my iPad, I have found the Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard to be the best in its class of Bluetooth devices designed for Mac and iOS users. This keyboard's build is very solid and its 87-key layout allows it to be stored easily in a backpack. It also features backlit keys for typing in dimly lit areas. As for the switches, I chose the Kaihl Blue, which are the equivalent of Cherry's MX Blue switches. I absolutely love the clicky style keys! My wife, not so much.  :  )

My Sermon

While I'm certainly no preacher, I could not resist the opportunity to minister to my family and friends after my mother passed away on Christmas Day of 2018. After spending the better part of a day working on this sermon, God showed me a new direction He wanted me to go with its lesson.  And so, after the funeral visitation the night before the service, I deleted all my notes and started fresh. This one took me only an hour to complete.


Contact Me 

Once again, I'd love to hear from you. Share your heart or just what's on your mind. I will respond to each message you send. Feel free to contact me on Facebook as well!

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