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Carla has a great product that she markets under the name, Pristine Companion. It is a pet health care solution used to keep pets’ coats and skins healthy and clean. Due to the organic nature of the product, its use benefits a wide range of animals. Everyone from iguana owners to horse trainers serves as her target audience.


For her own pet of choice, Carla cares for a large ornate wood turtle with a beautiful shell whose colorful markings mimic stained glass. Turtles have been her love since she was a child. In fact, her marketing plan would include the likeness of her treasured pet who receives the 'Pristine' treatment often.

Carla's first intuition was to advertise on a billboard in a prime location rather than waste her money on point-of-sale displays. Most everyone's daily travels would take them right past her big beautiful ad. And it was indeed beautiful. People would certainly come to know her product, she thought. And after a week, she began to ask around for confirmation. What she got, however, was not what she was expecting.


While nearly everyone she asked recalled the image of the big beautiful turtle, no one could recite the name of the product being advertised. Those who tried asked her if the ad was for a daycare and a zoo. Flustered and disappointed, Carla realized that a new strategy was needed. This time, Carla would not rely on her own ideas. Rummaging through her junk drawer, Carla recovered the business card of a media designer, Jenny, who she remembered stopping by.  

Jenny was wonderful and praised Carla for her efforts to expose her product. She too had seen Carla's billboard and recommended including the image of a smiling pet owner with a new pet in each of several ads. Jenny also advised Carla not to discount the effectiveness of in-store displays that would set hers apart from the many other products on the shelves. This strategy would provide Carla with ads tailored to specific customers at the various locations where her products are sold.


Jenny stuck by Carla and helped her to refine her product's image. Before long, Carla was able to use the proceeds of her many sales to expand Pristine Companion's visibility within her region. And with Jenny's help, Carla's product became known in specialty pet outlets across the country.

While names have been changed, this story is true. In fact, it's happening right now. And yet many have not realized how ineffective their efforts have been. If you suspect your own could be improved upon, we're here to help. Contact Selective Image today. We'd love to get to know you!


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