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At Selective Image, we are committed to the confidentiality of the private information you share with us. At no time will our staff share the undisclosed details of your products or services with a third party. Our communication will be limited to those who have requested our services or to those the requester names as an agent at or associated with your business or organization who we may contact concerning the transactions between you and Selective Image.


Due to the creative natue of our services, we at Selective Image have the right to decline those service to those whom we feel we cannot service to meet the standard of quality we set for our business.  Reasons for our declination of services include, but are not limited to, those whose operations are beyond the scope of our knowledge to the extent that our ability to provide effective representation is hindered, those who are by law unable to provide sufficient information necessary for the provision of effective service, and those whose practices and/or operations are deemed unethical or unlawful in accordance with governmental law and/or by the United States Constitution. Selective Image is an equal opportunity employer. 

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